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Why do same pickups sound different on different guitars?

Why do same pickups sound different on different guitars?

The old andwer is the quality and the materials, usually the choice of wood.

But things aren't explained with just that. The main difference is the scale length, and the positioning of the pickup. Don't forget that we're talking about a 3D object, so height and tilt angle make also huge differences. But longer than Gibson scale and the mic-placing lengthwise does make a telecaster sound like a telecaster even with a PAF.
With an acoustic guitar you can alter the sound most with where your picking hand does the works. With electrics that much cannot be done with fixed mic locations. The changing of picking spot still makes a difference, but you cannot really make a tele sound like a les paul with just that. But you can play beautiful bell-like sounds with a cheap acoustic if you know what you are doing. Having said that, the neck pick up positioning on a telecaster is just marvelous.

Fender scale centerblock bodied with Fidelitron does not sound like a shorter scale Gretsch centerblock body with Filtertron, although the pickups are very close to each other as such. Having said that, I really love the twang on this Coronado, the sound doesn't stray too far from the Telecaster. Still you can crunch up the sound to AC/DC levels if needed.

Further info: The Coronado was designed in 1966 for Fender by Roger Rossmeisl, a former Rickenbacker designer.

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