tiistai 24. lokakuuta 2017

Smith desk

This was a fun little project. The client wished for a sturdy desk that could be hammered on. And literally bullet-proof. Manually once height adjustable for every individual user. I came up with a wooden block inside 80x80 beams. The desk is adjustable and can be fastened to zero gap tolerance. I think this is superior concept compared to electrically adjustable desks for the clients' very demanding use.

Bench desk design

This was a design concept that I did for Isku Interior Oy earlier this year.

Technical design

This is Form II by Jukka Setälä for Martela, about 15 years ago. I was the technical designer for this chair. I think it turned out pretty nicely.

Interior and product design

Interesting new design tasks have come up recently. I wish I could talk about them already, but I must keep a lid for a little longer. New furniture and new design products. That much I can tell. I will share the details also here as soon as things are launched on media.